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After 12 years in the IT industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our experience to help others. Our ramp-up process is designed to empower you technically and enable you with the tools you need to succeed. Our service includes comprehensive training to help you getting trained in Software QA, Automation Testing and Business Analysis. We believe in training while working hands on using the actual tools that are used widely in the IT Industry. Our experienced trainers are ready to help you! We are having the highest placements because we are good at it. Call us today and discuss how we can help you with the job placement.

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Why Choose Envision Learning?

We Are Passionate About Tech

Our founder had a vision to become a most successful and well known institute in IT Training across GTA. We are passionate about Technology and help people empower their careers by proper training and mentoring.We often say Software services is our thing, we get it, we do it, and we stand by our work

Our Instructors Are The Best Of The Best

We initially started a QA School because we were not happy with the skill set of QA Analysts we were working with. We soon got noticed and other really intelligent teachers and passionate tech professionals joined us. Visit each course page to learn more about our instructors

Training That Fits Your Schedule

We offer both online and in person training in our comfortable classrooms or from the comfort of your own home to cater to different schedules and learning styles.

We Are From A Large Family

Every Consultant at Envision is leading a team of interns ready to work on your project. You pay for 1 consultant and more than 10 folks shows up to work on your project.

Our Live Project Is Above Industry Standard

Each of our courses have live projects in them so as to help candidates have an actual working experience on an IT Project.We understand the best way to learn technology is by hands on training hence why all our courses have practical exercises for learning

The Best Choice

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Train And Place Candidates In QA And BA (Our Core Strength)